Our Mission

To work with property owners to make Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District safer for the residents and reduce the effect of wildfires on residents and property, through wildland fire mitigation, structure preparation, emergency response and public education.

To provide a safe, professional and highly skilled crew for all phases of fire operations in district and nationwide.

who we are

The crew is made up of full time employees, seasonal employees, and volunteers. They are well trained and highly dedicated to making the community safer.

What We've Achieved

  • Creation of 100's of defensible spaces around homes in the district
  • Creation of coordinated community-wide fuel breaks in Pine Brook Hills, Carriage Hills, and Boulder Heights
  • Dispatching engine crews to wildland fires locally, statewide and nationwide
  • Community outreach and education regarding wildfire preparedness
  • Invasive species removal & noxious weed mitigation
  • Forest health management
  • Seasonal structure preparation of homes in the district including weed whacking, pine needle removal and gutter cleaning