firewood preparation

Splitting & Stacking

Often the byproduct of fire mitigation near your home or in your neighborhood is an abundant supply of firewood.  The crew can process this material to the degree the homeowner or HOA requests. This can range from leaving the trunks of the trees in manageable 6 ft lengths, or 18" standard firewood lengths, or we can split and stack the wood at a safe location over 30ft away and uphill from flammable structures.


The crew serves as the emergency response team responding to emergencies in the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District, and also to neighboring fire districts. These may include wildland fires, medical emergencies, structure fires, vehicle accidents, and search and rescue operations. So if the crew working on your land disappears rapidly during the day, please be patient they will return to the job site as soon as possible. We are grateful for your support which allows us to maintain this crew on duty during the work day when most of the BMFPD volunteers are at work.